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Our Vision

 Active people’s participation in and contribution to social transformation & sustainable development 

Our Mission

Motivate, Encourage and Strengthen community based organizations, civil society groups and social activists to work for social change, social cohesion and development.

The Gray
Research Unit of SDRO 
Being contemporary…
The Gray is a research unit of SDRO that has consisted of likeminded professionals and intellectuals committed to enhance the lives of all Sri Lankan citizens through their actions for promoting Democracy, rights, Read More..

Welcome to SDRO

The Social Development & Research Organization was established in 2004 to enhance civil society participation in development and local decision making process. 

In course of time, SDRO has gradually identified its core competencies based on its own experience and feedback provided by stakeholders. Its identified areas of strength have been organizing campaigns, awareness creation and education programs to enable people to be able to claim and exercise their civil and 

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Whats new?


Fundraise for Charity Step 1 Version 2   In Sri Lanka, the war was over but the pain of war is still burning among the victims. After the regime changed in 2015, the new government of Sri Lanka relaxed all restrictions on NGOs and welcomed the contribution of Diaspora to make the nation better.

The bloody civil war has created a dependent Tamil society in the North and Eastern provinces in Sri Lanka. SDRO has indentified manyprotruded needs.

Now the Tamil Diaspora is as a global community. In that sense, Tamil Diaspora is an only hopes for hopeless people in The North and East, mostly eastern Tamils those who are isolated from charity of Diaspora.  Based on this, SDRO has been seeking huge donations from Diaspora those are scattered many part of the western world. SDRO is a nongovernmental organization which is legally capable to work whole part of the island nation. It is registered under the company act as a nonprofit guarantee Ltd.  


SDRO is seeking donations for these indentified needs those must be fulfilling immediately are following:

  • Housing and livelihood support for war-widows and victims.

The war – widows are a big problem in the north and east. Totally, 89000 war-widows are estimated. In the, 49000 widows are in eastern province and 40000 in North.

  • Seeking Support for rural entrepreneurship

In many remote areas in Trincomlaee, there is no constructive support for small entrepreneurship. SDRO is seeking support from Diaspora to enhance the rural development in war revenged areas.

  • Rebuild the community infrastructure (CI) in the war revenged areas.

The community infrastructure is highly damaged in the remote areas in eastern province. The CI is an essential part to rebuild the society and poverty elimination.

If there is a weak infrastructure in rural areas then the society cannot move forward socially and economically. The GoSL trying to do its best but couldn’t fulfill all needs because the needs are high but resources are less.

  • Community empowerment

There are lot of needs particularly among women and Children in Trincomalee. Many women are affected by domestic violence (DV) every month. Numbers of children are isolated by their parents as results of the DV. In Trincomalee, there is no a women care center to managing this kind of issues morally and legally. SDRO has an idea to setup a women legal aid center. The center will support to free counseling and legal remedies for victims and also this center will act as an awareness raising center on women rights and women leadership.  

These all needs are interconnected with others. SDRO is seeking solidarity from Diaspora to make a sustainable society in the war revenged areas. If we consider making a sustainable society these all needs will be consider to fulfill as much as possible.

Donors can send their contributions through our bank account: http://www.sdro.org/index.php/96-sdro-menu/169-donate-us





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